Comprehensive Team Training Packages
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Boost Your Team’s Performance to Optimal Levels

At RYPT, we have team training packages designed to increase the athletic skill level of your team. Our programs specifically focus on improving the strength, level, power, and speed of your team and minimize the risk of injuries on the field. With RYPT, you’ll have an advantage over your rivals and build a stronger, unbreakable bond among your team members.

Team Training Benefits

Build a stronger, more cohesive team ready to take on any challenge. Our team training programs will benefit your team in a variety of ways including:

Boost Agility

We offer sports-specific agility training with a series of ladder and hurdle drills targeting your body’s hands, feet, and eye coordination, all essential in many sports.

Enhance Speed

Through a variety of jump training exercises, your team’s speed and power will grow.

Improve Flexibility

With speed, your team also needs flexibility to have the best chances of winning the game. Our stretching exercises and drills increase the pliability of muscles and joints.

Lower Risk of Injury

Our primary focus is keeping your team as strong and healthy as possible and prevent debilitating injuries during training sessions.

Consistent Performance Improvement

Our incremental approach to training makes it so your team will need to master simpler exercises before moving onto more complex ones. Therefore, your team will gradually increase strength without succumbing to exhaustion quickly.

Improve Team Morale

A healthy team is also a happy team. We don’t overextend your team members and take each challenge one-by-one. We believe in creating an environment where everyone on your team can have their victories and grow as people.
You can read more about the principles of our program, which form the foundation of everything we do here at RYPT.


Our packages include, but are not limited to:

Daily or weekend camps & clinics

Speed, agility, & sport-specific conditioning

Sport & movement specific injury prevention

Athletic based strength & jump training

Bodyweight/limited equipment-based strength & jump training (if on-site facility lacks equipment)

You can contact us at [email protected] or call (732)-800-2614 to get information about scheduling and pricing for Team RYPT. We also have special discounts as low as six athletes per group.

Our Success Stories

Team RYPT can help your team achieve more and do more, just like our programs have done for these athletes.

If you really want to see results from your training RYPT is the place to go.  The coaches are really intelligent and motivational.  Their training system really sets you up for success!

Ready, Set, Fit. Reach Your Potential Now!

Everyone is welcome to get fit and improve their athletic prowess. Call us at(732)-800-2614 to request more information and begin your training to win, conquer, and succeed!
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