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Programs for 7-11 Year Olds
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Beginner’s Performance Programs for Grammar School Athletes

Want to get your 7-11 year old off to a great start to their fitness? Our Mighty RYPT program establishes a healthy foundation of fitness skills for your child that will keep their bodies in shape as they grow older. Now is the best time to have your child learn all the important fitness training techniques before they hit a growth spirt. Your child will learn to run faster, jump higher, and have greater control over their bodies while having a fun time.

Mighty RYPT Features

Our classes focus on instilling healthy fitness training habits in your child, so they can have the best chance to succeed in athletics and sports. The classes focus primarily on:

Bodyweight mastery, especially the athletic position

First step quickness and breakaway speed

Agility & change of direction skills

Most importantly, HAVING FUN!

There’s no actual weight training involved in the program. Our exercises are completed with medicine ball and resistance bands with the goal of developing body weight resistance in your child.

Benefits of Child Fitness Performance Training

Starting to train at an early age can yield a host of benefits for your child, including but not limited to:

Injury Prevention

Performance training in younger athletes increases the level of control they have over preventing injuries. Athletes with stronger, more flexible muscles and tendons are the least likely to get injuries from intense physical activity.

Less Burnout

Children who have undergone our program will have the skills necessary to cope with intense activities and sports.

Lifelong Enjoyment

Your child will develop a passion for exercise and physical activity the earlier they start. Good habits start young, and by getting your child into a reputable program built around steady, incremental progress, they’ll learn to love physical activity throughout their lives.

Consistent Improvement in Performance

Our incremental approach to training makes it so your child will need to master simpler exercises before moving onto more complex ones. Therefore, your team will gradually increase strength without succumbing to exhaustion quickly.

Our Success Stories

Team RYPT can help your child achieve more and do more, just like our programs have done for these athletes.

If you really want to see results from your training RYPT is the place to go.  The coaches are really intelligent and motivational.  Their training system really sets you up for success!

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Everyone is welcome to get fit and improve their athletic prowess. Call us at (732)-800-2614 to request more information and begin your training to win, conquer, and succeed!
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