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RYPT – A Higher Standard in Sports Performance Training

RYPT has become one of the top sports performance and fitness training facilities in New Jersey. Under the direction of Olympic champion Bobby Smith, RYPT promotes a positive environment for athletes to realize their full potential. We’ve incorporated the most cutting-edge sports training techniques into our programs, and emphasize injury prevention.


We put the fun and excitement into sports performance and training. There’s never a boring or dull moment at our facilities. Our programs are personalized to fit your lifestyle. Several reasons to consider RYPT for your sports training include:


Our staff has a diverse background in all kinds of sports training. They have certifications in sports medicine, weight training, conditioning, and track and field. Every member of our team also has a college-level education in Exercise Science or a related field.

Personalized Training

Everyone has different purposes for athletic training. We listen to your needs and have many programs designed to fit your overall goals. We’ll get to know you and your current fitness level and help you stay motivated to reach key milestones in your training.


You have the option and flexibility to choose how many sessions you need and pick a program built around your lifestyle. We have programs for middle school, high school students, college students, and adults and understand each group’s specific fitness objectives.

Facility & Equipment

We are housed in a clean, state-of-the-art 6,000 square foot facility, including 6,000 square feet of indoor turf which includes a 3-lane, 60-yard straightaway, and a large multipurpose movement area with seven, full multipurpose Powerlift power racks, five Olympic platforms, and much more.

Our Success Stories

Our programs worked for these people and can work for you too whether you’re a young athlete or an adult looking to get in shape!

If you really want to see results from your training RYPT is the place to go.  The coaches are really intelligent and motivational.  Their training system really sets you up for success!

Our Programs

Here’s a full list of each of our programs. Discover the one that’s right for you.

High School

With homework, tests, school dances, and athletic events happening, it might feel overwhelming to find the time to strengthen yourself. For high school students, our I GOT RYPT program is designed to improve first step quickness, breakaway speed, change of direction, power and strength, and mobility and flexibility even on a busy high school schedule. Our program is perfect for high school students seeking to challenge themselves and achieve great success during and after the athletic season.


Looking to get your middle school athlete an inside edge on speed, strength, and conditioning? Jr. RYPT is our sports performance program geared towards middle school athletes from 6th grade to 8th grade. The program provides all the fundamentals of successful performance training in convenient two-day a week, 75 minutes a day sessions. These years are crucial for establishing maximum athletic performance and reducing future injuries.

Mighty RYPT

Want to get your 7-11 year old off to a great start to their fitness? Our Mighty RYPT program establishes a healthy foundation of fitness skills for your child that will keep their bodies in shape as they grow older. Now is the best time to have your child learn all the important fitness training techniques before they hit a growth spirt. Your child will learn to run faster, jump higher, and have greater control over their bodies while having a fun time.


For college students working to improve their first step quickness, breakaway speed, change of direction, power and strength, and mobility and flexibility, we have an athletic training program designed just for you! The I GOT RYPT program provides an opportunity for you to develop your mental and physical toughness while keeping up with a busy class and work schedule. You can stay healthy and fit with our program and push yourself to achieve more physically.

Adult RYPT

Are you an adult looking to get in shape or a former athlete looking to strengthen their agility? The Adult RYPT program is New Jersey’s premier athletic training program. Beginners and experienced athletes have a place here at Reach Your Potential Training to increase strength, lose fat, and improve health and fitness.


At RYPT, we have team training packages designed to increase the athletic skill level of your team. Our programs specifically focus on improving the strength, level, power, and speed of your team and minimize the risk of injuries on the field. With RYPT, you’ll have an advantage over your rivals and build a stronger, unbreakable bond among your team members.

Recent News

We’ll keep you posted on all the latest news and events at RYPT and showcase success stories from athletes who have completed our training sessions.

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