After training with Martin, Bobby was invited to train under  legendary javelin athlete Todd Riech (1996 Olympian and  Olympic Trials Champion) in California. Bobby would be  accompanied by another elite thrower, Sean Furey (from  Dartmouth), who would eventually become the 2010 National  Champion. Inspired by Martin's tutelage and motivation, Bobby  accepted the offer and moved out to Southern California to fully  commit to his javelin training and continue his dream of  becoming an Olympic javelin thrower.

 Living in California, Bobby was able to not only improve his  javelin technique, but also his ever-seeking knowledge of  strength and conditioning. He worked part time under Adam  Cretti and Ken Vick (NFL combine training specialist) at the  Velocity Sports Performance in Irvine, CA. Here, along with his  javelin training with Todd Reich and sports psychology training  with Dr. Casey Cooper, Bobby enhanced both his physical and  mental strength, which would come to fruition in the 2008  Olympic Trials.

Coach Riech's small training group, in which Bobby and Sean both trained, was called RYPT (Riech Your Potential Training). RYPT would be the primary sponsor for Bobby and Sean, but due to USATF guidelines, RYPT had to be covered up in accordance with logo restrictions and regulations. However, this wouldn't stop Bobby from setting personal and national success. It is here, at the 2008 Olympic Trials where Bobby's greatest life moment would take place.

Coming into the trials, Bobby was ranked 12th out or 24 throwers. After the preliminary round, he would finish 8th out of 12 and would advance to the final round. After two days of countless hours of mental visualization and imagery, Bobby just knew he would set a personal best in the finals.

2008 Olympic Trials Champion

The 2008 Olympic Trial finals were held on a sunny, but windy day in Eugene, Oregon, which was not ideal for the javelin competition. Due to the strong head wind, many throwers struggled with their throws, including Bobby. However, after his first three throws, Bobby was sitting in third place with three throws remaining. Staying focused on his dream, Bobby launched his 5th throw, only to hear the crowd erupt into an immense applause.

Standing anxiously at the foul line, he heard what would ultimately be the winning distance, 76.06 meters (248-06 feet). It was a personal best for Bobby and because of it, he would become the 2008 Olympic Trials Champion!                                                                                                                                                                                              

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